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Humanity is full of diversity.  We are designed to be different and thrive together with others. Community we can participate in and contribute to is vital for our wellbeing and experience of living a good life.

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Whilst the need for connection is innate for us humans, there are times we may find ourselves without the knowledge, tools or ability to create that for ourselves.


Perhaps you have a lived experience of disability or know someone who has, perhaps your whole life just got turned upside down, perhaps you've lost all you knew and feel alone and isolated, perhaps you are not sure where or how to fit in, perhaps you do not recognise who you are anymore.


This is where Unfurl can join you on your journey.

We understand first-hand the immense benefits of community and connection, on inclusion, participation and a sense of belonging. With a holistic approach, Unfurl can facilitate the process around creating Circles of Support - seeing our clients at the centre of their life, understanding their needs and their dreams, and walking beside them on a journey to connect them both with themselves and with people in the world around them. 


Unfurl helps people build their village to enable them to have a fulfilling life experience and thrive.

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We will walk alongside you and work together to breathe life into your village.

Book your complimentary 30-minute call or in-person meeting to discuss your situation.

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Deborah Hallam is the founder and Director of Unfurl.


Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, Unfurl specialise in holistic connection, creating community utilising Circles of Support, applying skills and tools to build the village a person needs around them.  We witness people, celebrate them for who they are, and share techniques to enable them to thrive in the world, participating and contributing together with others.


Deborah’s innate gifts include seeing the beauty of the uniqueness in everyone, championing the qualities they may not see for themselves, getting to the heart of things and intuiting what is needed next and engaging in meaningful communication.


All her life, in various ways, she has sought to bring people together in unity and provide the environment for a sense of community to unfurl and for mutual growth to occur.  She has firsthand experience building community as she has had to do this for herself several times over.

Deborah Hallam

What Others Say

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Paul Roberts, Colleague

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During my time working with Debbie I found her to be thorough, professional and always setting herself high standards. Debbie was always proactive and attempted to anticipate any challenges that needed to be resolved. She is an open and honest person with a delightful sense of humour. She was very much a part of our team and often instigated team activities which brought our team together.

We Can Help With:

Step-by-Step Guidance

Understanding where you are at in this moment and what you want and need to live a good life on purpose.

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Circles of Support

Creating Community that Cares

More than the name suggests, Circles of Support help build meaningful connections that become adventures with friends.

It takes a village to get to know yourself better and experience the joy of giving and receiving.

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Got questions? Let's chat.

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