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Technology is a wonderful tool that connects us. Emphasis on ‘tool’. Innately as humans we thrive when we are physically present with others. A level of connection happens that technology struggles to replicate fully.

One of the obvious ways that is different when we are together is being able to reach out and touch an arm in compassion or high five in celebration, hug in joy. There is a place for technology, but for me, I am mindful that it is not a replacement for the joy of spending time together. A shared adventure in a new place taking in the sight, smells and food would not be the same if one person was experiencing that and the other was being held on a tiny screen of a phone being waved about.

There is such a difference between looking at the picture of a forest and being able to be fully present in a forest having the experience engaging all senses. When we come together in person there is so much more for us to share, witness, hold and understand about one another – physically and energetically.

What I have experienced is that when I am present with people the cadence of speech is different. Seeing a person’s entire form enables me to also be able to interpret body language, we all do it without thinking. In fact, I have noticed that body language is more expressive when I am physically present with people. Then there is the energetic element of us. For me, energy is not limited by time, space or technology, but when we are physically present for people and take in everything else through all our other senses this turns up the volume more on how we are able to feel a person’s energy.

We came before technology and that is powerful. Recent experiences on this planet taught us that we are designed to unite, otherwise we would not have felt the isolation we felt. We wouldn’t all have been signing up to use zoom every day or booking flights to our friends and family the moment our doors were unlocked and borders opened.

I am conscious that we don’t isolate others when we are in our usual state of not being barricaded in our homes. Togetherness is the tonic for separateness and loneliness.

Together we can support one another during times of crisis and celebration, increase our levels of understanding and at the core of it all realise, although unique in design, we are all the same.


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